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" The story of Isis and Osiris is an eternal love story, one we keep reenacting all of the time. Love dies and then love is reborn. It's all there: magic, philosophy, ancient symbols, and a perfect romance. It helps to know what we're really doing, every time we love and then love again. "

Homage to thee, o beloved one, basically because you happen to have stumbled upon an apparently insignificant step to full knowledge on this subject, that, hopefully, in the future, will prove very useful...

" The physical body of a man was called Khat, a word which indicates something in whic decay is inherent. Attached to the body in some remarkable way was the Ka, or "double" of a man; the spiritual intelligence, or spirit, of a man was called Khu. The Khus formed a class of celestial beings who lived with the gods, but their functions are not clear. "
- E. A. Wallis Budge

" Can we ever know what death meant to the ancient Egyptians, or why they wanted to preserve the bodies of their dead for all eternity?And what do they look like now, these vestiges of what were once men, women and children? "
- Mummies,a voyage
through eternity.

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