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Archaeology News
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Archaeology News

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Great Discoveries, Missing Links and Ancient Treasures...
(very deep and mysterious)

First of all, what is archaeology? it is that part of the study of history that deals with the material remains of man's past; like his tools and weapons, his houses, tombs, temples, etc... Broadly speaking there are 2 kinds of this study: there is archaeology that deals with human history before writing, called prehistory, and the other with the remains of societies that are documented by writing, generally referred to as protohistory.

"Arkhaiologia, the Greek origin of archaeology, meaning 'discourse about ancient things'."
- Glyn Daniel

To have updates about news in the field of archaeology, go to my first link fav, which is a Yahoo! continuosly updated site.


To the right are some of what i consider the most important and interesting topics in archaeology. i also added underneath them additional links to sites on those specific topics.


1. The tomb of Tutankhamen

link about #1

2. Machu Picchu

link about #2

3. Pompeii

link about #3

4. Nazca Lines

link about #4

link about #4

5. Stonehenge

link about #5

6. Hammurabi's laws

link about #6

link about #6

7. The Rosetta Stone

link about #7

8. The Dead Sea Scrolls

link about #8

9. Troy

link about #9