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iNtErEsTiNg pics

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These are just the most attention-grabbing pictures from various sites i visited.


Above: Have the enchanting egyptian pyramids or the flourishing Nile ever looked so technological? everything is being ruined....


Pyramids are actually used really, really often in everyday life, not even noticing...

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A family on vacation; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Above: Taubman Amulet. Osiris as mummy standing to front in papyrus boat; he wears the atef crown and holds in the crook of the right arm a sistrum, which projects over the shoulder; in the left a sistrum in a similar position and a flail whip hanging over the elbow. At right facing him, a winged goddess with horns and disk on head, was scepter upright between her and Osiris, At left a winged goddess wearing crown, apparently the atef (it is damaged by a chip); was between her and Osiris. On upturned right end of boat, cynocephalus; on left end, crowned hawk.


Above: Extremely stereotypical view of the pyramids. i had to include it.


Above: Cleopatra?

Below: Well, who'd have thought?



egyptian soccer stamps...they must be worth a fortune....