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valentina, shortly - vale; americanly - val (which I personally highly dislike); nickname given to me from a special person - angel; while, my italian friends, are still coming up with a name, since i eliminate all the nicknames related to something sexual, which has been all they could think of in the past, i still don't understand why...

my address? my phone number? you really don't need that. generally nyc.

to email me, slowly look to your left where that list of links is....the last one says "Contact Me", i'll give you a have to click on it....I know, it might feel like i'm treating you like an idiot, but some people are not internet freaks and are still slow with computers....good for them, i say!!!


objective? kind of a stupid question. what, like in my life? my life objective? oh well then, "to find a fulfilling career that makes the best use of my skills". so stereotypical......i love that word. stereotype. anyways, generally, archaeology, egyptology.

Experience: I supposed to lie and say i've gotten all these pHds in Archaeology, to make myself look better? well, ya why not? but until I don't stop acting like a chicken and gather up the courage to actually say something like "Yes, i'm a little genius. I finished college some time ago, and i'm now satisfied studying and specializing in many different titles. I love studying...." to someone (can you imagine their face?) i'll just have to look bad saying the truth...revealing the real me....ya right! well, i'm in 9th grade right now, in an italian scientific high school. basically, that implies that i'm not experienced....