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"Stereotypes abound when there is distance. They are an invention, a pretense that one knows when the steps that would make real knowing possible cannot be taken or are not allowed. "

"But whats real? You cant find the truth. You just pick the lie you like best. As long as you know everythings a lie, you cant hurt yourself."

"Assume your individuality. Culture can rob you of your uniqueness. That's how stereotypes exist, and not without reason. Anyone too wrapped up in the sheep mentality of their ethnicity can never truely express themselves as individuals. READ, Watch, LISTEN, DO what you want."

STEREOTYPE: a conventional, formulaic and usually over-
simplified conception, opinion or belief. A person, group, event, or issue considered to typify or conform to an unvarying pattern
or manner, lacking any individuality.

That, my friends, is only the dictionary definition.....personally, I dedicate this web page more to the word rather than the's so intriguing....nobody would be able to describe it or it's meaning clearly and flawlessly, even if they're seen all the time, and considered a very negative aspect of society...but, has anybody ever stopped and analyzed the actual word? has anybody ever meditated about the images it brings to your mind, or the words that might remind you of it? has anybody ever dedicated a whole site to these 10 ideally "perfect" letters, and the words they form?


A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide


Pronunciation: (ster'E-u-tIp", stEr'-), n., v., -typed, -typing.







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..this is a recently published site, and i'm not completely finished editing it, so i guarantee that there will be incessant updates. If you have anything to suggest, ask, or criticize (i welcome ANY kind of opinion), please sign the guestbook, or you might even want to write to me email is in the "Contact" link at the top of the page....thankyou for your time.....and, "don't forget to sign the guestbook", said the stereotypical ads woman...

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