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 Stereotypically Pictured 

the word stereotype can refer to diverse concepts, objects, or meanings....these are just some pictures that simply remind me of the illusory word...



yoga position

Now, tell me if that isn't an over used position?

stereotypically perfect girls

Tell me if that isn't repugnant? I mean, magazines show images of vexingly perfect girls, imposing such a pathetic stereotype......This just shows how media sells IDEOLOGY. Women stereotypes of a mother, a saint and a housewife are ideologically acceptable roles. Stereotypes are always in somebody's interest, but never in the interest of those put into the moulds.

Did You Know
- A generation ago, the average model weighed 8 % less than the average woman, whereas today she weighs
23% less.


When you think of Holland, you probably think of stereotypes - windmills, tulips,
bikes, clogs and beers....this image is a flawless example...

Comment on Picture to the Right: ABSOLUTELY & RIDICULOUSLY PATHETIC!!!!! don't you think...?

liberty flag